A Letter To The Community From Martin, CTO

Dear Unizen Community,

It’s my pleasure to update you on some recent developments with the Unizen strategy, and also to provide you with an in-depth status update on the development of our Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking (“DMAS”) module and the overall progress of Unizen’s technology.

Launching Unizen PRO

We have always envisioned adapting the Unizen ecosystem and its modules to various trading personas. While the fundamental functionality of Unizen will provide all users with aggregated liquidity, security, and social sentiment indicators, more advanced traders and institutional users require more complex functionality. To make sure everyone feels comfortable on the platform, we have collected those pro-level features into a PRO level membership.

PRO membership will allow users to access the most complex features of CeDeFi trading as well as the DMAS platform for a very small fee that will be vaulted, which in turn is effectively resulting in a reduced total supply.

Membership is available for purchase by anyone and can be acquired directly on Unizen in a fully decentralized and frictionless manner. The PRO trading experiences will be integrated with automated wallet integration and NFT-based authentication.

The PRO update is a big step for the Unizen ecosystem: it provides traditional traders with the option to work with an institutional-level interface for interacting with digital assets, making it a key component of our CeDeFi implementation.

DMAS Update

DMAS is part of the PRO program

In a nutshell: with DMAS, we have built something that has never been done before — a true, chain-agnostic staking platform that incentivizes ZCX holders to stake, while simultaneously maintaining a deflationary supply of ZCX that is constantly being reduced. So as a user is staked in DMAS, they don’t have to worry about the inflation introduced with traditional staking platforms.

Over the last quarter, we laid out the design framework for the contracts, logic, and frontend design — all while our legal teams are pushing the boundaries of innovation within the realm of compliance. We prioritized getting both technical and compliant aspects of multi-asset staking right — it’s the first innovation of its kind.

Current Status of the DMAS application:


Deploy k8s cluster — 100% done

Scripted deployment — 100% done

ELK stack for logging — 100% done

Configure Redis instance — 100% done

Backup/restore procedures — 100% done

CI/CD pipeline — 100% done

Backend (Unizen API):

Token logo endpoints — 100% done

Token price endpoints — 100% done

Token description endpoints — 100% done

Authentication layers — in progress

99.99% uptime requirements — 100% done

Horizontal scalability — 100% done


Smart Contracts — final review

Smart Contracts Unit Testing — final review

Smart Contracts System Tests — in progress

Smart Contracts Audits -in progress

BSC Bridge Contracts — 100% done

Web3/ Frontend:

Staking — 100% done.

Unstaking — 100% done.

Pre-sale allocation logic — final review

Reward logic — final review

Metamask integration — 100% done.

Unizen API integration — 100% done.

UI Design — final review

Modals/Notification logic — 100% done.

A sneak peek at the staking interface

As you can see, the overwhelming majority of technical tasks are fully completed. What’s left are minor improvements on the user-experience and, most importantly, blockchain audits to assure the full security of the system before its public release. Both remaining issues are crucial for a safe and enjoyable DMAS experience — and we are almost there.

Unizen is currently undergoing legal audits that assure 100% compliance with the system.

The infrastructure is also under a security audit by two reputable, independent firms. It’s the last step of the process; prioritizing the platform’s evaluations is crucial for guaranteeing a truly safe, legally sound, technically resistant, and predictably-performing infrastructure.

Plans for the Near Future

DMAS V1.01 will launch before the end of June in a closed testnet — We have selected key developers to trial run the multi-asset staking platform to ascertain usability in parallel with smart contract audits. As feedback is given, it will be shared with the community.

Also, our tech team is pleased to announce that we are officially finishing the most time-consuming development stage. DMAS is the core of the ecosystem, and it’s also our first major feature. Getting it right has required a lot of groundwork in terms of research, ideation, thinking outside-of-the-box, and getting all the “good-to-go’s” from our compliance teams. But with the groundwork laid out, it’ll speed up the development of upcoming features.

We are optimistic that DMAS will be released publicly very soon; before that, you’ll also see the full reports on the audit results. After DMAS arrives, we’ll be able to imminently deliver the Unizen CEX module, at the very least at the according-to-plan of Q4 timing.

We will be diligent in keeping you up to date as the audits are completed, and the testnet data has been fully elaborated. Thank you for your support, and from our side, we are excited to soon give the green light to bring DMAS from a game-changing concept to reality.

All the best,

Martin Granstrom — CTO




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Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem

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