Dimitra, A Leading AgTech Provider, Is Incubated By ZenX

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3 min readAug 25, 2021

With over 15 million farmers registered, Dimitra is firmly establishing itself among the largest agriculture technology providers. Dimitra’s Connected Farmer Platform is an all-in-one digital solution that encompasses hundreds of digital instruments for farming. Their blockchain-powered technology and smart modular architecture allow farmers to utilise multiple technologies such as machine learning, genetics, IoT devices, satellite and drone imagery, advanced farming research, and more.

The ecosystem is supported by strong partnerships and contracts with organizations like Agzon Agritech Pvt Ltd (Agzon Agritech Pvt Ltd (www.agzonagritech.com) for 300,000 thousand farms, OBC Indian Chamber of Commerce for 1.3 million farms, National Animal Genetic Research Center of Uganda, and Bangladesh’s NGO Sojag and more.

Together with state-of-art tech, Dimitra’s mission stems from the foundation of innovative, strategic, and economic leadership. Jon Trask, the CEO of Dimitra, is a globally recognized blockchain expert with a background in enterprise software development and designing complex supply chains for multinational corporations. He is also an instructor of Digital Solutioning, Blockchain Fundamentals and Blockchain Architecture at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. He is a partner of the Blockchain Training Alliance and a Blockchain Pioneer at the Blockchain Research Institute. Mike Meurin, The Chief Digital Currency Officer at Dimitra and a mentor at Celo Accelerator, provides multi-field expertise in blockchain sales, education, and strategy. Ajay Sharma, an educator and investment consultant for ZTE Corporations, Tech Mahindra (Huawei), and is Dimitra’s South Asia Regional Director of Sales and is responsible for expansion of the ecosystem in South Asia.

Dimitra’s innovations in AgTech are focused on decentralizing agriculture. By enabling every farmer with 360°-degree technology on a level that was previously available only to large providers, Dimitra democratizes the industry, with blockchain, the company builds a self-governing, transparent, open-to-participation infrastructure that everyone can contribute to and benefit from. Agriculture is an industry that has a profound impact on the global economy and everyday lives; by decentralizing it, Dimitra has the potential to impact billions of people and become a leading participant in solving the global hunger issue.

For ZenX, the opportunity to incubate Dimitra is an incredible milestone, for several reasons. Dimitra’s mission to enable the production of high-quality food resources by leveraging decentralized technology, thus democratizing a traditional industry, is truly a paradigm-shifting one. What’s more, the company is already advancing — the Connected Farmer platform is now serving millions of farmers and helping sustain large communities. Our goal, as an incubator, is to provide the project with technical and legislative tools for revolutionizing agriculture and build a loyal community of contributors and supporters of Dimitra’s infrastructure and cause. For ZenX, it’s an exciting challenge, great opportunity, and empowering responsibility — and we are looking forward to the journey

Sean Noga, CEO of Unizen

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