Dr. iur. Siegfried Herzog is Unizen’s Head of Compliance

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem
2 min readNov 18, 2021

Unizen’s team is thrilled to welcome the new Head of Compliance, Dr. iur. Siegfried Herzog. He will lead Unizen’s work on financial and tech regulation, develop CeDeFi, and communicate with legislative authorities on the team’s behalf. Welcoming one of the world’s leading compliance experts is a big win for Unizen and ZenX Labs projects.

As a Managing Partner of CLL Compliance Labs AG, Siegfried Herzog is an expert in market regulation, data protection, and KYC/AML/CFT in the banking, fiduciary, and blockchain sectors. Unizen works on advancing compliance not only for the ecosystem itself but for the entire CeDeFi space, — Dr. Herzog’s hire is a far-reaching step forward.

Prior to joining Unizen, Dr. Siegfried Herzog was Chief Compliance Officer at Bittrex Global and Compliance Officer at Marxer & Partners Attorneys at Law. Siegfried Herzog specializes in due diligence law, automated exchange of information, and associated process management and digitization issues.

Dr. iur. Siegfried Herzog, Head of Compliance at Unizen.io said:

“I’m excited to join Unizen during these times of heightened regulatory focus, to lead and steer their commitment to security, compliance and risk management as a prerequisite to building a trusted, globally compliant CeDeFi digital ecosystem.”

“I’m confident that I will be able to contribute to Unizen’s vision of driving cryptocurrency adoption by further strengthening the company’s compliance functions, which are necessary to support the impending rapid growth of the business and Unizen’s goal to become fully regulated in all key jurisdictions around the world.”

“The rapidly-evolving regulatory landscape demands that Unizen works collaboratively with regulators to develop and evolve regulatory standards that will ensure compliance and ultimately success of the crypto industry.”

According to James Taylor, CBDO, “As Unizen grows and matures, continued compliance with evolving global regulations will be essential. Appointing Siegfried as our Head of Compliance is a critical step in ensuring that our current and future product offerings meet or exceed institutional clients’ regulatory requirements.”

Sean Noga, Unizen’s CEO, remarks that “Siegfried brings an exceptional level of experience and insight that is vital to Unizen’s focus on strengthening our compliance and risk framework.”