How Cirus Opens DeFi For Everyone Through Data Ownership and AdTech

Cirus’ mission is to advance the Ownership Economy and embodies the values of Web 3.0 — Ownership, options, control and value generation.

As the first CeDeFi incubator, ZenX from its first days is focused on decentralizing the processes that are traditionally monopolized by central entities while benefiting all participants. Incubated projects should bring unique technology to the market, but beyond that, profound philosophy and a scale-driven team. Ideally, a ZenX’s incubatee is a project that has the audacity to envision truly global adoption and expertise to bring this vision to life.

Big Data is a trillion-dollar industry, and most of that value is captured, siloed and monetized by large tech companies. The user, the individual, the creator, is treated as a resource, encouraged to interact more and more with big-tech platforms to generate more data for them to monetize. If ever there were an industry perfectly set up for disruption by Web3.0 ideas and technology, this is it.

Block vs. Unlock

As awareness of the current data landscape increases, many users are becoming weary of the existing big data model. They are uncomfortable with the idea of their data being collected and monetized for someone else’s benefit (and profit).

There is now a growing sentiment that user data should be kept private, and many projects (and existing tech companies like Apple) have started following that trend, allowing users to block the collection of their data by third parties.

The internet ecosystem runs on data however, and there is no change in sight for that business model. So how do you reconcile the two?

When your only two options are to give away your data for free, or to keep it private, the choice is clear: Anyone paying attention would choose privacy — by blocking data collection.

Cirus proposes a third option for users: Unlocking the value of their data and allowing users to earn directly from the data they generate. This would represent a paradigm shift in the big data model, but generally leaves the business model of the majority of the internet intact.

Web 3.0 is about giving more options and control to users, rather than locking them into existing (extraction) frameworks. Having a third option — allowing users to earn directly from their data — makes them an active participant in the ecosystem of the internet, rather than simply a user/resource to be exploited (as is the case with the current model).

Using Data as an access point

If you’re using the internet, you’re generating a data trail. Cirus uses that data-trail as a vehicle to bring users into Crypto and Decentralized Finance. This skips the often-complicated step of on-ramping users (Exchange accounts, funding, KYC, purchasing crypto….then finding out you need to purchase more crypto for gas fees etc…).

If you use the internet, you’ll earn a passive income in cryptocurrency.

Cirus’ hardware rollout strategy involves contracting directly with national and regional-level ISP’s, to put the CIRUS device (a wifi router that allows users to share and monetize data) into millions of homes, onboarding large numbers of users into the ecosystem. These internet users then become crypto users and, through the web/app-based Cirus Platform, will have instant access to fiat offramps and DeFi, affording them the opportunity to re-invest and multiply their earnings — a huge boost in adoption for Crypto in general.

The Cirus Platform will also empower users without the device to share and monetize data through a browser plug-in, in a similar fashion to how existing platforms work — except this time the user gets paid. If you have an internet connection, there is no reason not to connect to the platform, and get paid for an asset you create.

Granting users ownership of their data takes them from basic internet users, to participants in the Ownership Economy / Web 3.0, able to play in, and generate value from all levels of the ecosystem.

Into the Future

The opportunity is immense, and it all starts with Cirus.

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