Letter on Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking from CTO

Hey everyone!

I know that many of you are keen to learn more about the latest updates on our development activity at Unizen, so I’d like to post a quick technical update.

Dynamic Multi-Asset Staking Product (DMAS)

We’ve developed the DMAS contracts into a functional and optimized state, and PeckShield is conducting an audit as we speak. We expect to have the final report this week. If the report identifies any vulnerabilities, we’ll spend next week fixing them and will proceed to deploy the contract to the Ethereum mainnet once those changes have been approved. Our hope is that ZCX holders can start staking and earning rewards as of mid-September.

For the initial rollout, we will kick things off with smaller reward pools and a shorter reward period so that we can monitor the performance of the contract in action. We will also collect feedback from the community and if there are any gas optimizations or bug fixes that need to be introduced, we will upgrade the contracts. This entire process is protected by a multi-sig operation, enabled by OpenZeppelin Defender and Gnosis.

Further, if we decide to upgrade the contracts, we will inform all users as an upgrade may require manual intervention to unstake the tokens from the previous contract. Please note that funds will always be retrievable, even for retired contracts. Any retired DMAS contracts would remain active on-chain but would not have any reward pools associated with them.

When the performance and user experience of DMAS has been validated and feedback from the community can be assessed, we will start deploying multiple and larger reward pools. The addition of private sale allocation pools will follow in Q4.

DMAS is a top priority in our development efforts. Our team will remain focused on this application until it is polished enough to meet our ecosystem standards. The frontend will also continue to improve with smoother animations and UX optimizations based on the feedback we are collecting from the community.

Enhanced Liquidity Exchange Module

Our development has been finalized, and the codebase has been reviewed and approved by the Binance technical team. The code base is currently with their security team so that we can get final approval before they can deploy it to production. Once deployed on the backend, it will take us roughly one week to integrate it and bring it live onto the Unizen Ecosystem at app.unizen.io.

In addition to the dependency on Binance’s integration and final testing, the ETA for deploying this module is subject to a few support functions and administrative features that we are actively developing. We’ll keep everyone updated on the target launch date later this fall.

Integrated Decentralized Exchange Module

The initial work has started, and we have the connectors ready for deploying both versions of Uniswap onto the first DEX module. In addition to supporting both versions of Uniswap, we’re also working to introduce support for Uniswap v3 and will be enabling users and our Unizen Trade Aggregation Algorithms to interact with liquidity pools on both versions. Additionally, we are proud to be partnered with SIFCHAIN and will be adding their module prior to the end of the year. Please stay tuned for these announcements.

Social Sentiment Indicators

The LunarCrush API integration has been completed. We’re now working with producing our own unique indexes, and the team is researching how we can best leverage the strengths of the raw data that is being provided by LunarCrush.

Architecture Update

The Unizen Ecosystem is built on a solid foundation with a top-tier tech stack. It incorporates extensive security measures across every component of the platform. Our lifecycle management (LCM) strategy incorporates our around-the-clock dev-ops team, performance monitoring, logging, uptime monitoring and alarming. We’re deploying a self-healing platform with scripted deployments and lightning-fast backup and restore processes. Our codebases are highly maintainable and the deployments are fully automatic. We’ve adopted 100% test coverage that considers multiple extreme scenarios.

Final Thoughts

I cannot express enough how proud I am of our team. They are working days, nights, and even weekends to deliver on a vision we all believe will be the future of digital asset’s trading and CeDeFi interactions.

What we’ve achieved so far is truly remarkable and I am excited to be working with the team on what lies ahead.

On behalf of our team and myself, best regards to you all and please stay safe,




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