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NFT Platform For Music Creators The HUSL Is Accelerated By ZenX Labs

With NFTs, blockchain applications reach adopters that were previously out of the DeFi loop. Artists, performers, and creative teams already clearly benefit from crypto assets — but the sustainable infrastructure is required to leverage the impact. The HUSL is a platform that offers a drastically new take on NFTs — specifically, by providing artists, musicians, and their fans with frictionless ways to create, promote, and buy or sell assets.

Compliance, copyright regulations, and cooperation with institutions play a key role in recognizing and maintaining the value of NFTs. ZenX Labs, the CeDeFi incubator, provides The HUSL with 360-degree acceleration for establishing the business network, full compliance, and global expansion. In exchange, the team allocated $HUSL tokens to Unizen’s DMAS (Dynamic Multi Asset Staking) module. As soon as DMAS is released, any $ZCX holder will be able to stake $ZCX and receive $HUSL in return.