Unizen Announces a New Strategic Advisor: Founder and CEO of AllianceBlock, Rachid Ajaja

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem
2 min readJul 13, 2021


Hello community,

Unizen is happy to present Rachid Ajaja, the CEO of AllianceBlock as our strategic advisor. The vision, approach, and values of AllianceBlock are perfectly aligned with Unizen’s goal — to assure full compliance of crypto-asset ecosystems and facilitate interactions with DeFi.

As an experienced entrepreneur and a top-class expert in data science and analytics, Rachid Ajaja established profound expertise in asset management, data marketplace development, liquidity pools, digital governance, and identity. As a result of leading global institutional projects, Rachid has built up unique expertise in building data-driven solutions to financial challenges.

Together with strategic expertise, Rachid Ajaja also brings on board a world-class tech vision. He led multiple international-level projects on smart infrastructure development, global AI implementation at VINCI, with the focus on decentralization as the core of the innovation. The expert guidance of AllianceBlock’s CEO will provide Unizen with a profoundly informed perspective for making smart strategic and technological decisions.

Unizen’s partnership with AllianceBlock stems from mutual support and a perfect match of both ecosystems’ ultimate goals. By joining Unizen as an advisory, Rachid Ajaja and ALBT showed their trust in Unizen, which, given the scale and expertise of AllianceBlock, is a powerful growth driver.

“AllianceBlock is changing the way in which traditional financial institutions interact with digital assets and cryptocurrencies. Rachid’s and AllianceBlock’s vision, approach to technology, understanding of regulatory challenges and traditional finance are truly exemplary. So, welcoming Rachid Ajaja to the advisory board is a great opportunity for Unizen’s team and ecosystem”.

Sean Noga- CEO of Unizen

“Unizen are clear market leaders in facilitating mass access to an array of digital assets and aggregated liquidity. AllianceBlock has already supported this cutting-edge company with setting up proper compliance via our trustless KYC/AML and working together on the cross border rules will have a great impact on space and bring traditional finance to DeFii. I look forward to continuing to add key strategic input and helping the Unizen team build upon their compliance framework, as well as capitalize on growing interest into DeFi from traditional finance players”.

Rachid Ajaja- CEO of AllianceBlock

About Unizen:

Unizen is a 360° compliant liquidity solution for aggregating all aspects of the digital asset economy into a single seamless interface. A trading infrastructure built on multi-chain deep liquidity from best-in-class centralized and decentralized sources, eliminating the need for trading platform alternatives. Social sentiment indicators driven by AI learning enhance the trading experience for users in search of both traditional and emergent cryptocurrency listings. ZenX incubator discovers, accelerates, and delivers the next generation of digital assets exclusively to Unizen.