Unizen Announces The Start Of Tournament of Alts 2.0

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem
3 min readNov 24, 2021

We are excited to announce the “Tournament of Alts 2.0” - a competition of alt-coins where the winning project will be listed on Unizen CEX Module and receive full-scale support from ZenX Labs.

The tournament allows communities to contribute to the growth and exposure of their token, and to celebrate the upcoming launch of the Unizen Exchange.

Tournaments of Alts 2.0 features 16 participants - alternative blockchain ecosystems with promising or established technology, community, and tokenomics. Ever since the launch of Ethereum in 2015, new layer-1 solutions have been trying to dethrone Ethereum by offering cheaper fees, better consensus algorithms and more sophisticated application building toolkits. Unizen and ZenX labs will be leveraging this competition to support and incubate the most promising blockchain ecosystem!

The tournament will be held on Unizen official Twitter, where every day two projects will participate in a selection round. Each voting poll will compare two ecosystems with similar focus, and its results will determine the winner. The rules are simple: the project that gets more votes advances to the next round. The Final will leverage LunarCrush sentiment analytics to decide the winner.

The first Altcoin Tournament was held by Unizen in January to celebrate the start of the ecosystem. On the first run, the event attracted thousands of voters and was completed with the win of Constellation Network.

How to participate?

Anyone can vote in support of the competing ecosystems.

The respective communities of each finalist can directly influence the outcome of the competition by supporting their favorite project with positive sentiment and factually driven marketing on Twitter.


The Unizen team is leveraging the smart data feeds of our partner LunarCrush to monitor community sentiment over any digital asset on Twitter.

ZSS Score

The UNIZEN Smart Score™ (ZSS), is a custom dataset of aggregated LunarCrush powered social sentiment data. It is the combined metric of ZTI and ZSI. It is also the sole determinator of the competition.

ZTI Score

The UNIZEN Twitter Indicator™ (ZTI) is an aggregate of twitter activity over a selected digital asset. More specifically, it's an aggregate of the number of tweets, quoted retweets, retweets, replies and favorites.

ZSI Score

The UNIZEN Sentiment Indicator™ (ZSI) score, is an aggregate of "bullish" sentiment around a digital asset, on twitter. It leverages LunarCrush powered deep learning algorithms and language processing to determine social sentiment.

With AI-based social feed tracking, we can assure the vote validity and get precise performance analytics.

The starting date: 27th November

Hosting account: https://twitter.com/unizen_io

Winning prizes:


  • Unizen will endeavour to list (in other words fast-track listing) top quality projects building on top of the winning blockchain platform;
  • Unizen will shortlist the acceleration and incubation of projects building on top of winning blockchain platform to promote its adoption;
  • Unizen will explore modular integration of the project into the Unizen Ecosystem;
  • Unizen CEX module will include customised pairs for the winning platform. For example if LUNA ends up winning, then pairs like LUNA/ZCX and ANC/LUNA will be offered to the users.


  • Unizen will fastrack and shortlist the acceleration/incubation of the blockchain platform;
  • Unizen will explore the modular integration of the project into the Unizen ecosystem.


  • Unizen will fastrack and shortlist the acceleration/incubation of the blockchain platform.