Edition 16: 25th March, 2022

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem
6 min readMar 26, 2022


Message from Sean Noga, Chief Executive Officer, Unizen

I’d like to welcome our community to our 16th edition of the Unizen Pulse. This week we are pleased to share key technical updates from Martin Granström, our CTO, as we close out some key milestones from the development team.

We are also pleased to share analysis on the retention rates of DMAS reward token distribution, which reflect strong engagement with our ZenX Partner Projects by the Unizen Community.

This week we’ll also hear from Sam Reid, CEO of Geometric Energy Corporation, as we take a deeper look at XI Protocol. They’ve recently launched the first version of their new website for Space Advertising claims together with their staking program which is distributing almost 250,000 $XI tokens per week.

Technical Update, Martin Granström, CTO Unizen

Security Audits

This week the backend/infra team has worked with Halborn to further harden the infrastructure and in doing so, received final approval in the security audit. This effectively means that we’ve passed security audits of our backend, entire infrastructure as well as all contracts deployed on chain.


A major development for the ecosystem is DMAS v2 live on Polygon enabling a fast, secure and efficient mechanism for the community to engage with our staking features. With the migration from Ethereum Network to Polygon, we took the opportunity to completely rewrite DMAS which resulted in incredible gas optimizations and a huge reduction of code to maintain as it relates to the contracts.

With these gas optimizations, the contracts will have the opportunity to bring DMAS live on any EVM based chain with humane gas consumption with contract interactions.

Mobile Optimizations

We are now working on optimizing the ecosystem for mobile and tablet friendly resolutions to enable interactions through hand-held devices. This means that we have to adopt the UI to scale with these resolutions, but we also need to extend the wallet support to let mobile users interact with the ecosystem.

The extended wallet support will go live soon whereas resolution scaling is something that will be improved incrementally over time.

The Power of DMAS

A key strength of the DMAS program is in harnessing the strength of the Unizen community to support the long term growth of our partner projects being incubated by ZenX Labs. Current DMAS pools for Dimitra and XI are on a yearly timer and release a fraction of a percent a day.

To date, DMAS has over 90% HODL rate, and we expect the DMAS community overall to expand exponentially, which in turn will grow our collective communities at a similar rate. For these reasons, we feel that the added strong community and the support of Unizen’s ZenX Labs itself is a great opportunity and major growth catalyst for our DMAS partners.

Our team are also working on a unique determination algorithm that takes input data from our DMAS contracts and other sources to rate stakers based on their loyalty to the platform and award them accordingly. As one facet, the less a user claims going forward, the greater modular rewards outside of DMAS they will receive. More information on this to come.

By participating in DMAS our partners benefit from expanded reach absorbing all current and future Unizen Community into their own projects.

XI Protocol

An Update from Sam Reid, CEO Geometric Energy Corporation

Xi Protocol released the long awaited new website (xiprotocol.io) which now allows users to display images on satellite screens which SpaceX is launching for Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC).

Lunar Display Screen on xiprotocol.io

Xi Token holders can now also stake Xi Tokens, as well as order custom Orbcomm OEM SATCOM (satellite communications) terminal hardware distributed by GEC with USDC or DAI or FRAX, to become an oracle arbiter for physical sensor SATCOM data reporting to metaoracles.

Staking on xiprotocol.io is now live

When interacting with the front end claim system, users will receive a quote requiring them to pay in a combination of $XI token, together with $BETA, $RHO, $GAMMA and $KAPPA.

The purpose of each token is as follows;

  • BETA is used to claim the x coordinate. on the satellite display screen.
  • RHO is used to claim the y coordinate. on the satellite display screen.
  • GAMMA is used to claim the brightness. of pixels on the satellite display screen.
  • KAPPA is used to claim the hue of pixels on the satellite display screen.
  • XI is used to claim time for (BETA,RHO,KAPPA,GAMMA) pairings on the satellite display screen.
Image Quote specifying the amount of tokens required

The Xi utility token has also been listed on MEXC with a USDT/XI pair as the first Centralized Exchange amongst its roadmap after having the second DEX listing with rRENA/XI on Rena.finance

XI has also been brought to L2 on Polygon Chain with the WMATIC/pXI Quickswap pair due to the Unizen Bridge. Additional EVM compatible bridged/wrapped pairs for Xi will also be released as they are developed for cross-chain applications.

Find out more at:

Final Word

As a small teaser, this edition of Unizen Pulse was delayed due to team members being tied up on set with a movie that includes Unizen coverage! Keep an eye out for more information!

We have plenty more in store for the community in the coming weeks as we begin to scale up the exchange, and look forward to sharing more key developments with you shortly!

Website: https://www.unizen.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unizen_io?s=21

The Unizen Ecosystem is housing and aggregating trades across trusted first- and third-party exchange modules to enable a ZEN state of mind for traders.

Unizen is the first CeDeFi exchange to combine the functionality of first-party and third-party CEX’s and DEX’s in order to meet the needs of both retail and institutional traders. Unizen Exchange is able to find the most cost-efficient trades across a multitude of exchange modules, including Binance, to provide the best offers, reliable performance, and a secure environment for high-volume trading. All in one seamless user experience.