Edition 17: 22nd April 2022

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem
7 min readApr 22, 2022


Message from Sean Noga, Chief Executive Officer, Unizen

Welcome to the 17th edition of the Unizen Pulse, where we provide a regular round-up of all the latest news and announcements from across the ecosystem. Our development team have been hard at work increasing wallet support options to interact with the Unizen Ecosystem, as well as mobile and tablet optimizations of the entire ecosystem.

We are also pleased to announce the addition of a new HUSL DMAS pool, new Marketing & Exchange Listing for XI protocol, which demonstrates the project support that our ZenX incubated projects benefit from continually.

We are also pleased to welcome Goons of Balatroon, a 2D/3D hybrid Metaverse featuring Free 2 Play 2 Earn card strategy gaming and land ownership as a ZenX and DMAS partner.

Furthermore, the Unizen native token, ZCX, has been added to Kucoin margin trading, which was selectively offered in recognition of our consistently high trading volumes that have been achieved since launch.

We are also announcing the distribution of all remaining ZCXHT, the ZCX Holder Token which will enable our early investors to participate in DMAS.

XI Protocol: New Exchange Listings & HOWL Media Engagement

This week we saw the launch of a new video for XI Protocol, produced by HOWL Media, one of a series of social media focused videos designed to raise awareness of XI Protocol and the forthcoming space missions.

Some of the community noticed the QR code within the new advertising reel links directly to the Unizen website symbolising the collective journey that Geometric Energy Corporation and Unizen Exchange are partnering to deliver.

Additionally, BitMart and Geometric Energy Corporation announce the listing of XI Protocol on the exchange, bringing greater liquidity solutions to the project and community. A key value addition of ZenX Labs is to support our incubated project partners in exchange listing support.

Expanded Wallet Support

This week our development team pushed extended wallet support live. We’ve launched mobile and tablet optimization for the entire ecosystem. Many users have been sharing screenshots on Twitter already. This means that we’re now fully operational on dApp browsers on phones and tablets. MetaMask being the most prominent one.

Next week we’re also launching the first iteration of the dashboard, with many more components to come, containing the following three tabs:

  1. General

2. Portfolio

3. Bridge History

1. General

Will give users the ability to add favorite tokens and track them. It’ll also house a chart of ZCX supply and “announcements”.

2. Portfolio

This will show what tokens a user is holding, on which networks and also if a user has locked tokens in known staking contracts on-chain.

3. Bridge History

Will show all tokens a user has bridged using our bridge. To and from which networks.

We’re also releasing increased wallet support next week. Which gives users the option to connect to the Unizen ecosystem using one or more of the supported providers.

  • Metamask
  • WalletConnect
  • Coinbase Wallet
  • Fortmatic
  • Portis

We’ve also built in a wallet management component directly into the ecosystem, that enables users to have multiple wallets connected at the same time and can easily switch between them, rename them, copy the address and remove any unused wallets.

New DMAS Reward Pool Announced

This Friday the 22nd of April a new DMAS reward pool featuring our ZenX partner HUSL will be launched. This reward pool of 1 Million HUSL tokens will be distributed via DMAS over a 6 month period.

The HUSL is a global music marketplace that allows individuals around the world to upload their newest music as NFTs. A place where they can be seen and discovered.

Goons of Balatroon

We are proud to welcome Goons of Balatroon to the ZenX and DMAS family.

The Goons of Balatroon team this week announced that they successfully closed $2.46 million in a seed and private sale led by Merit Circle and Jun Capital. This successful fundraising effort is immensely valuable in the continued development of the Goons of Balatroon trading card game and other currently top-secret ventures!

The team is seeking to create a unique gaming experience that is wild, rebellious, and above all doesn’t take itself too seriously. With an eye on ease of adoption, their goal is to make inroads into traditional gaming audiences.

Goons of Balatroon Co-Founder, Mark says, “With the recent surge in play to earn games, we see an increased focus on the ‘earn’ function, and while this is absolutely an aspect of our environment, we believe a focus on making the game fun to play, first, is of utmost importance.” Our team has taken a unique approach to art direction and has interwoven humor and meme culture into every aspect of the game, “We want this to be a game you’re excited to play with your friends. There are over 250 playable cards, and with more on the way, you’re going to have to do your homework to win” — Goons Community Manager, Matthew, states.

Further details to follow as ZenX Labs onboard Goons of Balatroon, and look to enhance and accelerate their journey to build an Innovative and Unique NFT Trading Card Game Metaverse

Kucoin Leverage Trading

In recognition of consistently high trading volumes and community engagement, this week, Kucoin have announced the addition of Isolated Margin Trading for the Unizen Native Token; $ZCX.

The addition of margin trading brings increased options for trading the token, supporting the long term growth of liquidity, volumes and trading options for our community.

ZCXHT distribution

This week we will issue the final tranche of ZCXHT to our early investors, enabling them to benefit from the Dynamic Multi Asset Staking program, including existing rewards of XI protocol and Dimitra, together with the new reward pool of HUSL which was announced today.

We are continuing to forge further opportunities to expand the rewards and project scope within DMAS, with additional benefits and rewards to share with the community in the coming weeks.

Final word

We are pleased to bring our community significant developments in the user experience of the Unizen Ecosystem, with Mobile Optimization, increased wallet support, and UX improvements helping strengthen the foundations of the ecosystem.

We are continuing to work hard behind the scenes on a range of further enhancements, and expansion of trading which will be released in the near future. We’d like to thank our community for their ongoing support and encouragement and look forward to sharing an exciting year ahead.

Website: https://www.unizen.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unizen_io?s=21

The Unizen Ecosystem is housing and aggregating trades across trusted first- and third-party exchange modules to enable a ZEN state of mind for traders.

Unizen is the first CeDeFi exchange to combine the functionality of first-party and third-party CEX’s and DEX’s in order to meet the needs of both retail and institutional traders. Unizen Exchange is able to find the most cost-efficient trades across a multitude of exchange modules, including Binance, to provide the best offers, reliable performance, and a secure environment for high-volume trading. All in one seamless user experience.