Unizen Trade Aggregator v1

Sean Noga, CEO Unizen, 30th September, 2022


Today marks a major milestone in Unizen’s history with the release of the first iteration of the Unizen Trade Aggregator.

The Trade Aggregator is something that we’ve been working on diligently over the last two years in our mission to enable a web3 interface for the cross-chain universe and to make digital assets easily accessible to everyone.

With the release of version 1, we’ve laid the foundation of the Trade Aggregator’s core mechanics: enabling access to thousands of digital assets across seven blockchains and 70 DEX’s — all through a single, easy to use interface that should be easily recognizable by most users.

Overcoming this technological hurdle was without a doubt the hard part. Which also explains why we’re the only trade application in the world that has done this.

Not only is this a milestone for Unizen and the community, it is also a milestone in web3 history. We’ve broken new ground to enable a true, cross-chain enabled, decentralized exchange that finds the most cost efficient trades with support for thousands of digital assets. This innovative and breakthrough product is something we’re extremely proud of and truly happy to share with Unizen’s users.

What does this mean for the end user?

1) No more hopping between DEX’s to access certain assets

2) No more navigating to different blockchain bridges to move funds between networks

3) No more exposure to phishing attacks and clunky UI’s which are error prone

4) No more navigating to CMC/CoinGecko to collect token information

These features are additional benefits that are being introduced to the Unizen Operating System with the release of the Unizen Trade Aggregator. And this is only version 1….

Because this is the first public release of the Unizen Trade Aggregator, there are a couple of things to note: Good and bad.

This is of course software.

Despite thorough testing by professionals and trusted groups of supporters over a lengthy period of time, there will likely be bugs and inconsistencies in the UI that have been overlooked. This is fully expected. That’s why it’s important that our users read the FAQ and report any issues they find. We also welcome users to provide feedback or suggestions for improvements that can be made.

Our goal will be to continuously address any reports and improve the user experience in real-time by pushing frequent updates into production. This is the same approach we adopted with the Dashboard, DMAS, and other features and products which we’ve released thus far.

Rest assured that all of our smart contracts have been thoroughly audited, so funds are always safe.

The good news is that we are nowhere close to being done innovating.

Over the coming months, we will continue to improve and introduce new functionality, further separating ourselves from the competition.

We will continue to add on data sources, liquidity pools, and supported assets. We will also introduce trade splitting across liquidity pools and blockchains in a few weeks. In addition to that we will look to introduce CEX aggregation, stop-loss, custom liquidity pools, professional technical analysis tools, more unique trading insights, fiat conversions, token burns, and furthering ZCX’s utility — this list can be made longer.

One important aspect not to be overlooked is that Unizen owns the code of this powerful trade engine. This means that we have the ability to leverage swapping functionalities seamlessly across the entire ecosystem where it makes sense. The Unizen Trade Aggregator is an important cogwheel in the kernel of our operating system. More on that to come later.

Final words

Thank you all, sincerely.

The road to get here has been bumpy at times and there will surely be challenges as we’re realising our mission.

We could never have gotten this far had it not been for our incredible community and those supporters who stuck by us, even in this aggressive market downturn.

Finally, thank you to our incredible team of engineers. They are always pushing long hours and innovating in real-time to deliver something unique and remarkable.

It’s only up from here!

Website: https://www.unizen.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unizen_io?s=21

The Unizen Ecosystem is housing and aggregating trades across trusted first- and third-party exchange modules to enable a ZEN state of mind for traders.

Unizen is the first CeDeFi exchange to combine the functionality of first-party and third-party CEX’s and DEX’s in order to meet the needs of both retail and institutional traders. Unizen Exchange is able to find the most cost-efficient trades across a multitude of exchange modules, including Binance, to provide the best offers, reliable performance, and a secure environment for high-volume trading. All in one seamless user experience.