Unizen: Unifying the Worlds of Exchanges

A product name can be a powerful force, as it is the initial and overarching descriptor that calls for quick judgment and deep assumptions to be made, not only of the brand itself — but the consumers of said product. In the emerging industry of cryptocurrencies where token facilitators/users need to be adaptable and agile more so than in any other space, a product name can carry many connotations as to the core attributes of a project. In light of this, we introduce a name change, one that coincides with the values of the team and the attributes of the ecosystem the ZEN team is equipped to build.

Zen Exchange made perfect sense at the time of the platform’s inception and while the initial branding strategy called for the assimilation of social handles, such as ZenCex and ZenCexOfficial — it doesn’t grasp the full purview and comprehensiveness of what the team is building. The ZEN platform was never intended to be exclusively defined as a Centralized Exchange (CEX), as ZEN has always intended to drive the path to adoption by adding an extensive Decentralized Cross-chain Liquidity (DEX) aggregator to its ecosystem.

In addition to the above, ZEN has evolved from a singular exchange to an entirely new asset class, a modular Compliant Liquidity Provider (CLP). Regulation and compliance will bring institutional investors along with financial networks and bank issued digital currencies to the multi-chain DLT universe. The Unizen team has aligned themselves with core partners who share this vision and will usher in the next iteration of digital asset realization.

Unizen intends to be the universal, unified gateway for key institutions and governments to access the revolution.

In light of this, the platform has been rebranded to Unizen, which holistically embodies the essence of this movement; with https://unizen.io as the new website and @Unizen_io as the new social handle. While ZEN continues to depict the ideal user experience (one of calmness and serenity), the Unizen brand speaks to the universal access and altruism that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) was meant to provide.

The Unizen team appreciates the support from the community during this transition and believes that it will provide clarity and a deeper understanding of the foundation upon which we are building on.

Website: https://unizen.io

Twitter: @unizen_io

Telegram channel:https://t.me/unizen_io

LinkedIn: unizen-io

GitHub: unizen-io



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