Special Edition: 4th March, 2022


This weeks edition of the Weekly Pulse is a dedicated special feature to act as an introduction and overview to the Unizen Multi-Chain Bridge.

The Multi-Chain Bridge represents a key foundation in the infrastructure of the ecosystem, and we are proud to share this milestone with our community.

Staking will today be operational on Polygon Mainnet. DMAS rewards are now earned on Polygon and ZCX is staked on Polygon.

All assets are supported for bi-directional bridging (including ZCXHT). Please note that DMAS, as a cross-chain, agnostic module, can expand to additional chains in the future to extend our ecosystem capabilities.

In addition to the Multi-Chain Bridge, Liquidity has been added to quickswap.exchange so pZCX is also now tradable on Polygon. The contract address for pZCX:


In this article we provide a step-by-step walk through to help familiarise our community with the operation and function of the bridge.

Table of Contents

  1. Use of Metamask​
  2. Claiming Expired Test Phase DMAS Rewards
  3. Bridging ZCX tokens to pZCX​
  4. Staking pZCX tokens on DMAS​
  5. Claiming Polygon based rewards on DMAS​
  6. Selling Polygon based rewards​
  7. Bridging Polygon rewards to ETH Mainnet
  8. Disconnecting Metamask​

1. Use of Metamask

A Metamask wallet is required to interact with the Unizen Earn module.

Within Metamask, use the Network selector to toggle between Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon networks. Both networks share the same Metamask wallet address.

To cover transaction gas fees within the Unizen Earn module, you require:

  • A balance of ETH within your Metamask wallet on Ethereum Mainnet
  • A balance of MATIC within your Metamask wallet on Polygon Mainnet

2. Claiming Expired Test Phase DMAS Rewards

All Test Phase DMAS rewards pools have now expired. No further rewards will be issued to these Ethereum Mainnet pools as Unizen will move to issuing all future rewards on the Polygon network.

The expired rewards may be claimed at anytime and will require an ETH gas fee to do so.

3. Bridging ZCX tokens to pZCX

The flowchart of steps and gas fees required to Bridge existing ZCX tokens (ETH Mainnet tokens) to pZCX tokens (Polygon network) is illustrated below.

To migrate your ETH Mainnet ZCX tokens to the new Polygon DMAS platform:

1. Unstake all ZCX and ZCXHT from app.unizen.io/earn. Your Metamask wallet on ETH Mainnet should now show your ZCX and ZCXHT balances.

2. On Unizen Earn, click on the new Unizen Bridge icon shown below:

3. The Unizen Bridge window will appear.

a. Set the “From” field to ETH Mainnet. If necessary, Unizen will prompt you to give the site permission to switch to this network.

b. Set the “To” field to Polygon Mainnet.

c. Set “Asset” as Unizen Token

d. Set the “Amount” of ZCX you wish to bridge

e. Select “Approve” to start the 2 step Deposit process

i. Confirm/Reject to give permission to access your ZCX. This will incur a gas fee paid in ETH.

ii. Confirm/Reject a Deposit transaction. This will incur a gas fee paid in ETH. To ensure a rapid transaction, its recommended you select “Fast” under ‘Set Gas’. This transaction will process until 12/12 confirmation blocks are achieved.

f. Unizen will then prompt you to give the site permission to switch the network to Polygon. After the switch, you’ll see the Bridge Icon change to ‘Polygon Mainnet’

g. A Withdrawal transaction window will now appear. Click the green ‘Withdraw’ button to proceed.

h. You will be prompted to approve a gas fee in MATIC. Edit the suggested gas fee to a maximum of 50 GWEI.

i. Once the Withdrawal is complete, you’ll be prompted to add ‘ZCX to Metamask’. This will add the contract address for Polygon based pZCX token to your Metamask wallet, on the Polygon Network.

j. You will now see a balance of PZCX tokens within your Metamask wallet, on the Polygon Network.

4. Staking pZCX tokens on DMAS

To stake your Polygon based pZCX tokens onto the new DMAS platform

1. Login to the Unizen Earn module on the Polygon Nework.

2. Select the ‘Stake’ button

3. If you already own a Unizen PRO Membership NFT (previously bought on ETH Mainnet during the Test Phase DMAS), you will be prompted to Redeem a free Unizen PRO Membership NFT on Polygon Mainnet.

4. If you not previously purchased a Unizen PRO Membership NFT, you will be prompted to purchase a new one on Polygon.

5. You may now proceed to ‘Stake’ your pZCX tokens to the new Polygon based DMAS. The staking process will require gas fees in MATIC.

5. Claiming Polygon based rewards on DMAS

To claim Polygon based rewards tokens on DMAS:

1. Login to the Unizen Earn module on the Polygon Nework.

2. Under ‘Staking Rewards’, select ‘Current’ or ‘Expired’ pools to see what rewards have accrued.

3. If you wish to claim a particular token reward, select ‘Claim Reward’. If you wish to claim all rewards at once, select ‘Claim All Rewards’. Claiming Polygon based rewards will require gas fees paid in MATIC.

6. Selling Polygon based rewards

Moving forwards, all DMAS rewards are Polygon based tokens.

Claiming these tokens to your Metamask wallet will require a gas fee paid in MATIC.

You may then use platforms such as Uniswap Polygon or Quickswap to trade your tokens for other Polygon based tokens, and pay transaction fees in MATIC to do so.

Liquidity pools must exist in the appropriate trading pairs you wish to exchange.

7. Bridging Polygon based rewards to ETH Mainnet

New Polygon based DMAS rewards, once claimed, may be bridged to ETH Mainnet tokens as well.

This will require gas fees paid in MATIC and ETH.

The ETH Mainnet tokens can then be HODL’d, staked, or sold on any ETH Mainnet platform or exchange.

8. Disconnecting Metamask

For your crypto’s security, it is recommended that you disconnect any ‘Connected sites’ from Metamask after connecting your wallet to various platforms.

To do this, click on the three black dots at the top right of the Metamask window and select ‘Connected sites’.

You are then given the option to ‘Disconnect’ from any sites currently connected to your wallet.

Final words

We look forward to welcoming our community to the new Multi-Chain bridge.

For additional support you can find additional help at our dedicated support channel here;

Website: https://www.unizen.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unizen_io?s=21

The Unizen Ecosystem is housing and aggregating trades across trusted first- and third-party exchange modules to enable a ZEN state of mind for traders.

Unizen is the first CeDeFi exchange to combine the functionality of first-party and third-party CEX’s and DEX’s in order to meet the needs of both retail and institutional traders. Unizen Exchange is able to find the most cost-efficient trades across a multitude of exchange modules, including Binance, to provide the best offers, reliable performance, and a secure environment for high-volume trading. All in one seamless user experience.