Edition 8: 21st January, 2022

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem
6 min readJan 22, 2022


Message from Sean Noga, CEO Unizen

We would like to welcome our community to the eighth edition of our Weekly Pulse.

Over the last week our development and compliance teams, together with key partners have been closely monitoring the operation of the Unizen Exchange module and compliance systems to ensure a secure, smooth and seamless user experience.

Of paramount importance is ensuring all Compliance & KYC systems are operational and effective. This enables our long-term vision of providing deep & compliant liquidity suitable for both retail as well as institutional traders.

Feedback from the compliance partners is that the Unizen Exchange Module is effectively filtering out unverified, rogue, or malicious users which is critical in ensuring our sustainable development is in line with the anticipated regulatory landscape.

As we continue to work at pace through the compliance phase, the team looks forward to expanding the utility of the exchange and delivering further enhancements and developments together with our partners.

Security & Compliance

At Unizen, a critical priority is ensuring the security & safety of the infrastructure that we are building. We work closely with a range of the industry's finest partners, who are actively engaged in the implementation and scaling up of each Unizen Module.

A key retained partner is Halborn whose expertise in blockchain security is unparalleled.

Halborn was founded in 2019 by renowned ethical hacker Steven Walbroehl and growth hacker Rob Behnke. The team operates a fully remote organization with over 50 of the best and brightest offensive security engineers in the world.

Halborn represents many of the largest names in the blockchain world including Coinbase, Polygon, Quant, Sushi, Thorchain, Bancor and BlockFi amongst many other blue-chip clients.

Together with partners like Halborn our team is uncompromising on our security and compliance focus which is at the forefront of our strategic decisions and development agenda.

Trading Pairs & Exchange Utility

As our compliance and development teams monitor the first week of active exchange operation, we are closely working with our qualifying partners to begin expanding exchange utility for our trading community.

Our strategic goal of providing a destination for both retail and institutional traders means that building our track record in security & compliance is key to the success of the Unizen Ecosystem.

In upcoming weeks we will start scaling the exchange, starting with the listing of the Unizen native token, ZCX, together with the introduction of additional pairs including selected ZenX incubated / accelerated projects as well as qualified partners that will be amongst the first trading pair releases on the exchange.

Unizen Exchange Support Channel

In order to provide direct dialogue with the team during the onboarding & compliance stage we have established a dedicated channel to support the community on any issues faced in both registration and ongoing experience on the platform.

Join the Unizen Exchange Support Channel here:

Transition of Unizen Bridge to Polygon

Whilst the Unizen Bridge has specifically been designed to provide Multi Chain support, we have been in close consultation with key strategic partners on the initial release.

As such, the Unizen Bridge has been re-architected to release on Polygon first and foremost ahead of our Binance Smart Chain features, as we have identified significant future integration & synergy opportunities that will support the ongoing strategic expansion of the Unizen Ecosystem during 2022 and beyond.

The technical development schedule remains unchanged with the team engaged with our security partners and actively pressure testing the bridge to finalize the launch stage. Technical write ups to follow shortly.

WhaleRoom Lists on CoinMetro

CoinMetro announces the listing of the WHL Social Token on 20th January 2022.

Coinmetro will be the first centralized exchange to make the WHL token available for trading providing both USD (WHL/USD) and EUR (WHL/EUR) pairings for the project.

Regarding WhaleRoom listing CoinMetro said:

“We’ve met with the Whaleroom Team on multiple occasions and believe in the uniqueness of the platform combined their passion to make it a great success.”

What is WhaleRoom?

WhaleRoom is a social platform for tokenized communities. The company is pushing the limits of what’s possible with web3 technology.

The goal is to provide the best social platform for the next generation of crypto communities. Crypto teams, NFT projects, creators, DAOs, brands or any token-based community can come to WhaleRoom to create a token-gated room in a few clicks.

WhaleRoom is continually improving its infrastructure to serve the needs of crypto enthusiasts by integrating social and on-chain analytics to further improve the experience for its users.

What is a Room?

A room is a social space dedicated to a specific token-based community where the team and project holders can interact and enjoy WhaleRoom’s unique features. Room’s access is token-gated according to the room creator preferences

How does WhaleRoom work?

The platform uses cryptographic proof to ensure that the users in each room are actual holders of the project’s token, coin, or NFT. Room creators can set a minimum of tokens (or minimum $ amount) required to gain access to their room on WhaleRoom.

Final Word

As we continue to push through the compliance stage of the of the Unizen Exchange module launch we would like to thank the community for their ongoing support.

We know that compliance and security represent the foundations of any crypto exchange and one that will be uncompromisingly prioritized.

To fulfill the market opportunity of servicing both retail and institutional liquidity we will not compromise in ensuring the long-term, sustainable, safe, and compliant execution of our development roadmap.

Website: https://www.unizen.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/unizen_io?s=21

The Unizen Ecosystem is housing and aggregating trades across trusted first- and third-party exchange modules to enable a ZEN state of mind for traders.

Unizen is the first CeDeFi exchange to combine the functionality of first-party and third-party CEX’s and DEX’s in order to meet the needs of both retail and institutional traders. Unizen Exchange is able to find the most cost-efficient trades across a multitude of exchange modules, including Binance, to provide the best offers, reliable performance, and a secure environment for high-volume trading. All in one seamless user experience.