Unizen x Launchpool AMA

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem
9 min readMar 18, 2021


On March 18th 2021, Unizen and Launchpool did a collaborate AMA in https://t.me/unizen_io. In this AMA Richard Simpson (Rich), the CEO of Launchpool, was our guest together with the CMO of BlockUnify, Brandon Dallmann.

Tom BlockUnify: “Welcome @Rich_launchpool and thank you for joining us. Our CMO @cryptfaux has joined us here today as well”

Brandon: “Welcome to the main event! @Rich_Launchpool thank you for being here. We couldn’t be more excited to be working with Rich and the entire team at Launchpool. They are a class act, and we are proud to be partnered!”

Rich: “Likewise. Gonna be strong!”

Neon BlockUnify: “Starting off.. Can you give a brief introduction about yourself and launchpool?”

Rich: “Sure. I got involved in crypto as most people did i think, a friend recommended i look into it. I bought my first crypto in 2014 and down the rabbit hole i went luckily i’ve been working full time in the space for 3.5 years. Before joining Launchpool, I worked as the Director of Research and Projects at Alphabit Digital Asset Fund.

Launchpool was born out of the idea that the different elements of the ecosystem weren’t pulling in the same direction, for example, projects live and die by their community yet the community are often the last to get to buy the tokens and generally don’t get as good deals so we wanted to do something about that.We wanted to create an environment that minimised risk for everyone. Risk of dodgy projects for small investors, but also for funds. We think our model minimises risk for them too. We aim to incentivise our community to stay with projects and use the services of the projects we launch so hopefully its a win win for everyone. Projects also get the benefit of a bootstrapped community and well connected investors/funds. We launched a few weeks ago and are growing strongly!”

Neon Blockunify: “Love that. The community is such an important part of a project. And you guys have super strong community support!

Now let us turn into the much anticipated questions.

Q1: In your words, how will you describe the Allocation mining event that is going to take place for Unizen in April? Please walk us through the process”

Rich: “OK, well Unizen will be the very first project to launch with allocation mining on our platform.

Essentially people will need to join our platform, undergo KYC (no Americans sorry) and then they will be invited to ‘allocation mine’. So, there will be a day or two period where people can get in to position / stake, this is before the window of mining starts.

The idea being that we don’t want to force people in when gas prices are high. If they have a day or so they can choose a low gas price time if they wish. then there will be a period of time, probably a few days where by allocation mining, how much you stake and for how long will be measured.”

Neon Blockunify regarding KYC: “Absolutely. A KYC check list is extremely important in the light of regulation.”

Brandon: “The gas fee consideration will be well received!”

Rich: “everyone gets an allocation dependent on how much lpool they stake for how long, we have been trialling different limits on pools so that whales can’t take all the allocation. You can see this on our site currently with our Yield APP pool experiment PuP (Pop up Pool).”

Neon BlockUnify: “Now we will look at a hypothetical example to make it simple to understand.

Suppose there are 1000 ZCX tokens up for Allocation Mining Event And Tom, Jiggy , faux and I pledge 100 LPOOL tokens for the AME, Which are purchased prior to the event ofc, and I personally have 10 LPOOL tokens out of those 100 LPOOL locked up. Since I own 10% of the LPOOL locked, I am liable to get 100 ZCX tokens ( 10% of the total ZCX up for grabs ) …

Is that correct? Do you want to add something here perhaps”

Rich: “yeah, if you have 10% of the pool over the whole period of staking then you’ll be offered 10% of the allocation. our platform will show you what percent of the pool you have”

Neon BlockUnify: “That’s an amazing way to conduct a fair launch, much better than a so called lottery”

Rich: “yeah and its all on chain, so everyone can see, totally transparent”

Neon BlockUnify: “What happens after the Allocation mining event , how are those allocated tokens distributed? Are those allocated zcx tokens locked up for sometime or they are released for investor use almost immediately?”

Rich: “At the end of the event, everyone will be offered an allocation. if they choose to take it then they send in their ETH (ETH is the only accepted currency by Launchpool), receive their LPOOL back and the vesting period starts. So if that means the tokens vest over 6 months, every month the investor can claim the proportion due to them. the investor gets the same terms, so price and vesting, as all other investors in that round.”

Neon BlockUnify: “A great way to Reward the early supporters who could not take part in private sale!”

Rich: “yeah the community is essentially investing together as a fund.”

Neon Blockunify: “Brilliant concept, let’s top it off with the last question on AME and then we shall discuss IDOs.. since we are half an hour in.

In your words, what is the difference between Allocation mining event and a normal IDO? You have already touched upon on multitude of differences above, anything else you want to add? A fair Launch for community is big difference between other “IDO’s” that are around”

Rich: “yeah the main difference is that the prices are better, but for that you agree to vesting periods. We think it creates a better relationship between the community and the projects, because of this fairer distribution concept. it also gives smaller investors the chance to avoid going up against bots when the IDO happens”

Neon BlockUnify: “@ Brandon anything you like to add regarding the IDO that happens after the allocation mining event ?”

Brandon: “The post allocation mining pathway will be clearly laid out publicly after the Launchpool event is completed. Until then we want to shed as much light as possible through our respective communities on the offering Launchpool provides.

Let’s jump into the community questions, we have some great ones!”

Community Q1: “Do you foresee any positive reinforcing feedback loops between Launchpool’s egalitarian platform that provides access to seed pricing for retail investors and Unizen’s Angel Investor incubator and how do you foresee that connection being leveraged.”

Rich: “Unizen’s incubator has everything in terms of what a project needs, except that launch capability, the acceleration phase where the project comes out of stealth and needs to transition to a fully functioning community. That’s very hard to achieve, but it’s something Luanchpool can do, as witnessed by our own launch.
Likewise Launchpool needs a steady flow of high quality projects to launch. And after launch it makes sense for LP projects to try and find a home on Unizen’s CEX. That’s my view, not sure if you guys want to add anything”

Neon BlockUnify: “Yes egalitarian platform combined with an angel investment incubator is a powerful combination.”

Brandon: “Well said Rich. This is about unity in our approach to business, aligning around projects that share our collective value system. Between our two platforms we have a complete economy, and the ability to take innovation to market in a brand new way.”

Community Q2: “What is the top milestone you achieved so far since inception? What are your plans and roadmaps for 2021 we should expect
Are there partnerships you would unviel how do you intend to dominate in the block chain space?” Simply put, can you both talk about your roadmaps.

Rich: “A very successful launch of our phase 1 services is our biggest milestone. Culminating in over 13k twitter followers in 3 weeks. And over $110 million USD TVL in our staking Pools.

Plans for 2021, no smaller than being the number 1 Launchpad in terms of deal volume, allocations and as a destination for quality projects.”

Brandon: “Unizen will continue to build out it’s modular ecosystem to capture deep and compliant Liquidity on all fronts of the cryptosphere. Incubation and a high level of networking will continue to be our focus, and creating at the cleanest pathway to success will become a reality.”

Neon BlockUnify: “Hoping to see some new partners!”

Brandon: “You won’t be dissapointed ;)”

Community Q3: “Having a deflationary tokenomics is one of the most important issues for crypto projects. When we examine the Unizen project, I see that it is a project that focuses on continuous growth. So, what benefits can this feature bring for $ZCX?”

Brandon: “The ZCX token was built with multiple facets of utility in mind. Multi-Asset staking Rewards, releases only when necessary for development, and buybacks/locks are all part of the ecosystem. Every piece of ZCX utility is focused on the holder. This was important from day one, and is very much in line with the fair and altruistic mentality of Unizen.”

Community Q4: “on which areas do you expect to find synergy in the collaboration between Launchpool and Unizen? Can you provide some examples.”

Rich: “As stated previously there are some strong synergies through adding capabilities. Our access to new project is obviously great for the exchange side of Unizen. But there are also new services we will roll out, defi services, token use cases etc that our partners at Unizen will of course be offered access to and encouraged to be founding members of.”

Community Q5: “There are so many projects that only exist for a moment “die en route, traumatizing investors with new projects.” My question is, how can the #UNIZEN project survive, continue to grow & in what way do you convince investors that this project is very promising?”

Brandon: “Exchange projects have been known to flame out quickly due to a lack of liquidity. We will have the deepest possible Liquidity from day one of launch, and continue to aggregate liquidity as we go. We have a dex partner that will be announced soon, And will build out the modules continually as we go. That is the number one key to success of any exchange, and we will deliver.”

Community Q6: “There is saying that necessity is the mother of invention so what necessity does LPOOL really fulfills? What was the main motto for launching LPOOL platform?”

Rich: “here was a problem with how projects were raising funds, so there was a necessity to fix that. which we believe we are doing. Egalitarian Investing!”

Community Q7: “how do you collaborate and interact with each of the exchange platforms both decentralized and centralized to bring it under one platform?”

Brandon: “Think of liquidity as a pool instead of some thing that exists compartmentalized on different exchanges. Unizen will tap in to the entire pool and do it with a Compliant focus, while others will focus on small puddles of liquidity. That is how we are different and it is the key to understanding the entire ecosystem.”

Community Q8: “Will Unizen utilize Quant’s Overledger Network in some way as a part of creating a crosschain ecosystem?”

Neon BlockUnify: “Overledgerrrrr. You attended the ODAP event too right ? !”

Brandon: “I did attend and it was very insightful, Gilbert is doing some amazing things for this industry. More to come on this as we go!”

Community Q9: “An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea So What action or milestones we say have been in practical use till now that has been implemented by the LPOOL?” This Q has already been asked.

Rich: “Will just add — We have started our token distribution. This was our idea to bootstrap our community by freely giving away our token to small investors so that they could participate in allocations usually reserved only for large investors.”

Community Q10: “There is growing negative sentiment toward “IDO Lotteries” because of the (1) high opportunity cost of staking coins + (2) low chance of landing an actual deal. What are your thoughts on the launchpad space & how it will evolve?”

Neon BlockUnify: “Rich, can you comment on the future of launchpads, even I feel that this lottery system will be a thing of the past, the collaborative framework that launchpool is building along with unizen will soon become the industry standard. Brandon you can also add your inputs as closing remarks”

Brandon: “This question plays into the reason we chose Launchpool over other available platforms. Lotteries can be extremely frustrating to participants, and sometimes do more harm than good. As the crypto space matures we want to align it was those who have a vision for fair launch and reasonable terms, because they will stand the test of time and continue to provide value for years to come.”

Rich: “Yeah my thoughts exactly. And why this mentality will continue to drive us forward”

Neon BlockUnify: Thank you so much guys for this informative ,1 hour 5 min long AMA. The depth of this conversation has got me hyped af!”

Brandon: “Thank you for being here Rich, we look forward to what comes next!”

Rich: “hahaha, thanks guys. Super excited for your launch!”