Weld Money AMA with Unizen

25th May, 2022 with Alexey Bobok and Iryna Lorens

  • Seamless integration with ApplePay/GooglePay
  • Tax-free crypto transactions on the go (no VAT and other taxes on conversion)
  • Transparent pricing, no hidden fees. You pay for what you use.
  • 360 view on personal finance — one app to manage everything (fiat cards/crypto wallets).
  • Secure and transparent financial flow
  • Convenience — the ability to add any wallet from a third-party service or crypto exchange
  • Traditional payment method — payment by Visa/Mastercard (GooglePay/ApplePay).
  • Security — Fully PCI DSS compliant solution
  • Availability for CIS Clients
  • Supporting most popular exchanges
  • No need to switch to a solution wallet
  • No need to deposit crypto funds in advance Payment card
  • Visa/MC Premium Services
  • Credits
  • Cashback
  • Cashback (Get instant cashback in weld tokens for payments)
  • Level up (Level up your card and unlock new features)
  • NFT (Buy and set your unique digital NFT skin to weld card)
  • Fees (Reduce processing fees)
  • Limits (Increase daily and monthly limits on your expenses)
  • Staking (Buy and stake weld tokens and get rewards in WELD)
  1. Cashback per turnover (Instant cashback from your purchases up to 9%)
  2. Manage your investment portfolio (create and manage your own investor portfolio in the WELD app)
  3. Choose a bank convenient for you (Open bank accounts in different jurisdictions)
  4. Family cards (Control your child’s expenses with family cards)
  5. Split payments (Split payments with your friends)
  6. Several types of deposit (Choose your deposit type)
  7. Scheduled payments (Send recurring payments automatically)
  8. Various use cases (Use all types of digital assets: crypto, gaming and streaming balances)
  9. Customize your cards appearance (Create an individual card design, including using fragments of NFT art
  10. PFM — Personal Financial Management (Improve your financial literacy with Weld Money)
  11. Deposits with income in cryptocurrency (Favorable deposit conditions for token holders)
  • The first charitable cryptocurrency card in the world
  • Quickly receive financial assistance from Unchain Fund
  • Help Ukrainian women with children
  • Like an ordinary virtual MasterCard
  • Easy and ready to use



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