WhaleRoom Is Accelerated By ZenX Labs

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem
2 min readOct 13, 2021


The development of decentralized technology and investing in crypto assets rely on cooperation. Communities help with finding out about new projects, rating exchanges and wallets, sharing due diligence. Members help each other avoid scams and spot new opportunities. However, the current practices — such as groups in Telegram — don’t have specific verification algorithms. Creative ways of exploiting communities emerge every day, and even experienced members can’t always identify the risks.

WhaleRoom brings accessible and secure innovation to the crypto market by launching a chat application for whales, dedicated holders who prove their commitment to the project by holding a lot of tokens.

To join the platform, users must connect a MetaMask account that proves their legitimacy. The application has no access to the wallet itself or funds, only public information is used to vet participants. Without disclosing personal information, the platform verifies users in a safe, anonymous fashion. On top of member vetting, WhaleRoom guarantees full privacy, secure data storage, and an intuitive experience.

For whales, WhaleRoom is a trusted and secure communication channel to exchange their experiences with like-minded individuals without exposing themselves to hackers, who are especially interested in fishing out large-volume holders. For teams, it’s a safe channel for connecting to their communities and the most active participants. The platform enables an insightful two-way conversation that fuels the growth of the project.

ZenX Labs and Unizen are working towards making DeFi accessible to everyone and in any field. Having a channel for secure communication is a must-have for sustainable development.WhaleRoom provides every decentralized project with a safe environment to communicate with its active supporters.

We are thrilled to be accelerating WhaleRoom and directly contributing to their growth. More specifically, the ZenX Labs will assist with global expansion, network, communication, and brand strategy. The project has already achieved a lot, and we are excited to bring new resources on board.

WhaleRoom’s native tokens (WHL) will be distributed as DMAS rewards in exchange for staking Unizen’s native token, ZCX.