Hello community,

Unizen is happy to announce the listing of its utility token, $ZCX, on Gate.io. Similar to Unizen, the Gate.io team prioritizes integrity, transparency, and fairness and so, the exchange commits to displaying the real trading volume and deep liquidity on all trading pairs.

Gate.io is one of many Centralized Exchanges (CEX) to list $ZCX and will facilitate the ultimate goal of the Unizen — in becoming the beacon of aggregated, deep liquidity for retail both for traders and institutions. With high-quality listings, our aim is to make sure that everyone can easily participate in the Unizen ecosystem with minimal fees and effort. Gate.io is one of those, and there are more to come in the upcoming months.

The $ZCX listing time on Gate. io is13:00 (UTC+8) on June 24. Unizen $ZCX token will be available for deposit with the trading pair ZCX/USDT.

Other transactions such as deposits will commence at 10:00(UTC+8) June 23rd, 2021, and trading/withdrawal at 12:00(UTC+8) June 24th,2021.

All trading executions are done with the Gate.io Android and iOS apps, or on the official website at https://www.gate.io/

About Unizen:

Unizen is a 360° compliant liquidity solution for aggregating all aspects of the digital asset economy into a single seamless interface. A trading infrastructure built on multi-chain deep liquidity from best-in-class centralized and decentralized sources, eliminating the need for trading platform alternatives. Social sentiment indicators, driven by AI learning, enhance the trading experience for users in search of both traditional and emergent cryptocurrency listings. ZenX CeDeFi incubator discovers, accelerates, and delivers the next generation of digital assets exclusively to Unizen.