First and foremost, we want to thank the community for your unwavering support. Unizen has been fortunate to experience the growth of such an active, loyal community — and it’s time we reciprocate!

Unizen is excited to announce the listing of its utility token, $ZCX, on KuCoin. It’s the first Centralized Exchange to list $ZCX. The exchange has been reputed in listing emerging, promising blockchain projects to expand their reach across the entire cryptosphere.

Since its launch on Uniswap, $ZCX and its holders have proven their fortuideness and trustworthiness in the market. As a result, Unizen is able to get new listing opportunities, making $ZCX increasingly more accessible.

Listing on KuCoin and other CEXs will facilitate the ultimate goal of the Unizen — in becoming the beacon of aggregated, deep liquidity for institutions. The synergies between emerging crypto ecosystems and traditional financial markets have the potential to draw in an unrivaled amount of capital and users.

The Unizen $ZCX token will be available for deposit with multiple trading pairs including ZCX/BTC and ZCX/USDT.
— Deposits open at 10am UTC on June 7, 2021
— Trading starts at 10am UTC on June 8, 2021

All trading executions are done within the KuCoin Android and iOS apps, or within the official website at

Official announcement can be found here.

About Unizen:
Unizen is a 360° compliant liquidity solution for aggregating all aspects of the digital asset economy into a single seamless interface. A trading infrastructure built on multi-chain deep liquidity from best-in-class centralized and decentralized sources provides trading opportunities from multiple trading platforms. Social sentiment indicators driven by AI learning lower the trading risks for users in search of both traditional and emergent cryptocurrency listings. ZenX incubator discovers, accelerates, and delivers the next generation of digital assets exclusively to Unizen, enabling participation in early token sales and IDOs.