ZenX Incubatee Cirus Foundation Sold Out $CIRUS Token In 10 Seconds On The First IDO

Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem
3 min readAug 18, 2021

Hello community,

We are happy to inform you that ZenX’s incubated project, Cirus Foundation, sold out in 10 seconds on its first IDO. The initial offering took place at Scaleswap, followed closely by Zendit which also sold out in seconds. Both launchpads are endorsed by Polygon, a dedicated partner of Cirus Foundation. Congratulations to the team for this impressive milestone! We are looking forward to continuing the collaboration of ZenX and Cirus with the goal of building CeDeFi innovation together.

At the moment, the Cirus Foundation is moving forward with completing its first roadmap milestone, the Token Launch. The foundation has been laid, and it’s only the beginning. From the perspective of ZenX incubator, the success of our first incubated project is also a defining event.

To start with, we are thrilled to see an amazing response to the project, which marks the first significant success for our cooperation.

Also, projects like Cirus aim to disrupt established industries, which is also the defining aim of ZenX. Generally, the goal has been to consolidate the strongest projects in the emerging CeDeFi industry to increase the pace of wide adoption. So, such a positive market response indicates that ZenX is moving in the right direction.

We are grateful to the Cirus team and the communities behind both Unizen and Cirus for being primary supporters of CeDeFi. We are starting to build industry-changing projects, and it’s a challenging but rewarding path. There’s a lot more to come to ZenX and incubated projects in the upcoming months — so stay tuned for announcements.

Last, but not least, we’d like to point out that once Unizen’s dynamic multi-asset staking (DMAS) is released, Cirus tokens, along with others, will be distributed as a part of staking rewards. As founders of ZenX and incubator of Cirus Foundation, our team is proud to have a special partnership with Cirus and offer exclusive opportunities to Unizen’s community.

About Unizen

Unizen is a 360° compliant liquidity solution for aggregating all aspects of the digital asset economy into a single seamless interface. A trading infrastructure built on multi-chain deep liquidity from best-in-class centralized and decentralized sources, eliminating the need for trading platform alternatives. Social sentiment indicators driven by AI learning enhance the trading experience for users in search of both traditional and emergent cryptocurrency listings. ZenX incubator discovers, accelerates, and delivers the next generation of digital assets exclusively to Unizen.

About Cirus

The Cirus Foundation is the development team behind the Cirus Ecosystem, an accessible onramp designed to accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 and the Ownership Economy. This consists of the Cirus Device, the Cirus Core, and the Cirus Platform which work together to give users true ownership over the data streams they generate, and leverage that value even further into DeFi, and other Web 3.0 protocols.