ZenX Is Accelerating Terrafirma

Democratizing the real estate industry is a goal that the blockchain community has been eyeing for quite a long time. However, the market leader is yet to emerge; and one of the reasons why is compliance. Decentralizing one of the most regulated markets requires the combination of complying with regulations and trusted technology, and it takes a strong ecosystem to deliver both.

Terrafirma is building a fully compliant real estate project that allows users to interact with real estate in a decentralized way via NFTs. The ecosystem is the one researching and curating assets with the best potential: the users interact with already curated real estate via intuitive NFTs.

NFTs represent an out-of-the-box approach for real estate, researching and curating assets with the best potential, and allowing NFT holders to interact and control the property in a peer-to-peer manner. By introducing decentralization and simplifying the process for the end-user, Terrafirma brings together uncorrelated markets and different user groups. Traditional participants will be able to access crypto assets without leaving the comfort zone of the traditional real estate market. On the other hand, tech-minded users who focus primarily on digital and crypto assets, have a way to enter a long-established market with their preferred innovative approach.

Terrafirma takes the best of the two worlds of crypto and real estate, and caters to the needs of both markets. To name a few, the platform has incorporated peace-of-mind systems in place (Lossless property pools), a digital marketplace that opens real estate NFTs to anyone and anywhere, and staking programs to reward active participants.

ZenX Labs will be accelerating Terrafirma, helping the team build a versatile network of partners, develop and execute long-term scaling strategy, and reach large user communities both in crypto and traditional markets. ZenX’s expertise in building compliant decentralized projects, creating decentralized communities, and cooperating with institutions will contribute to creating a worldwide ecosystem for real estate NFT trading.

We are excited to support this groundbreaking initiative from the Terra ecosystem. Terrafirma’s team has all it takes to decentralize one of the most complex and lucrative asset markets. Their expertise, approach, and rich experience set solid foundation for building multi-market large-scale innovation, and we are thrilled to be a part of the journey.

Sean Noga, CEO of Unizen