ZenX Labs Is Accelerating Stablecomp

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2 min readNov 13, 2021

Stablecoins are now among DeFi’s most valuable assets. USDT with a market cap of 73.89B, is the fourth most used currency in the market. USD Coin (USDC) also makes the top 10 with its 34B value. It’s obvious that the stablecoin market is growing quickly, but the surrounding infrastructure is falling behind.

Since stablecoins are designed to be non-volatile crypto assets, they provide a safe gateway for everyone who wants to interact with DeFi. You can swap them for another token, send it to a decentralized wallet, and make purchases. When your sentiment is “risk-off” you can trade volatile tokens for stablecoins, allowing you to exit your position securely without having to convert your assets to fiat. The unlimited number of use cases incentivizes constant buying and storing of stablecoins.

However, just by holding a stable currency, users are missing out on getting interest — as they would for staking other tokens or depositing fiat. The lack of clear information about opportunities for stablecoin staking is probably one of the largest reasons people don’t earn interest by staking their stablecoins. For now, stablecoin staking has been largely overlooked, even though its potential is enormous.

Stablecoin staking could compete with traditional financial vehicles for conservative investors looking for predictable yield.

Stablecomp is a platform where users can stake multiple stablecoins from a single system. Stablecomp is the only comprehensive risk assessment for stablecoin staking, first to market with no competitors.

Stablecomp also makes it easy to stake and harvest rewards to earn compound interest by automating and pooling transactions to keep fees low and eliminate conversion steps for users. With minimal fees, users can store their coins on Stablecomp and receive interest. They also can withdraw the tokens anytime and convert the initially staked stable currency into another one.

In short, Stablecomp is a unique full-scale infrastructure for assessing opportunities and staking, managing, and converting stablecoins. It’s a way to engage users (and institutions) that would like to benefit from crypto assets without risking dealing with volatile currencies. By staking stablecoins, you operate with the most stable currencies on the market, and get compound interest for each token.

We are very excited about Stablecomp’s future, and it’s our great pleasure to welcome the team to ZenX Labs acceleration program. A secure, compliant, and multi-ledger stablecoin staking platform has the potential to bring more stability into crypto investment. It’s a great way to introduce new adopters to the market, as well as cater to experienced investors and traders — by providing the way to continuously earn on non-volatile assets. The combination of great technology, innovative concept, and a very experienced team set Stablecomp and their native token, $SCOMP, apart from other staking applications.

$SCOMP tokens will be added to DMAS and can be claimed as rewards for staking $ZCX.