Unizen: Smart Exchange Ecosystem

DMAS will Launch on Monday, October 18th for Public Testing on Mainnet

  • Unizen token holders can immediately stake their tokens to receive DMAS rewards.
  • Reward token pools are provided by projects that are being incubated or accelerated by ZenX Labs
  • A series of projects have and will be announced here and on official AMAs. These include Cirus, Dimitra, HUSL, Whaleroom, and other ZenX acquired projects to be announced.

Public Testing

The engineering methodology of Unizen continues to revolve around best practices in software development and product delivery.

For that reason, we are launching the DMAS platform for public testing on mainnet to validate its performance, security, and usability.

We are initially launching DMAS with limited and smaller reward pools while DMAS is on mainnet public testing. Stakers will be able to earn DMAS rewards that will continue to ramp-up in velocity and scope as security and pen testing are conducted.

Public testing ensures that our smart contracts, on-chain, and off-chain features work smoothly. We will continue to monitor the contracts and architecture as a whole in real-time to ensure they are as robust and scalable as possible.

DMAS was audited and approved by CertiK and Peckshield. CertiK is a leading authority in blockchain and smart contract security and innovation. Peckshield is an international team of senior blockchain and security researchers that specialize in blockchain infrastructure vendors, exchanges, crypto wallets, mining pools, and DApps.

Public Testing Conditions

  • DMAS Participants: all ZCX holders, including ZCXHT holders (as described below).
  • Reward Assets: incubated and/or accelerated DMAS reward pools will be added to the platform gradually and ramp-up over time.
  • Ongoing Audit by Halborn. The Halborn security team has been contracted to conduct the final audit during public testing and beyond. The ongoing audit will not affect the user experience at all. In fact, it’s an assurance that the platform, in its entirety — is overseen by leading security experts.
  • Reward Pool Size: the size of the rewards pools, and thus, individual rewards, will be increased gradually. To assure the safety and predictability of performance, the team will add rewards increasingly — as opposed to an all-at-once approach.

ZCX Holder Token

We created the ZCX holder token (ZCXHT) to act as a placeholder that allows us to fuel the DSR Program. As elaborated in the DSR (Dynamic Sales Release) publication, the DSR model allows Unizen to release tokens based on market liquidity and Unizen-specific liquidity. Catalyst events will result in a commensurate release. DSR allows us to bring the benefits of DMAS, DYSA, and other relevant modules to previous sale rounds participants.

The ZCXHT token is used exclusively for DMAS staking and cannot be traded on exchanges. Each sale round participant will be able to swap ZCXHT for ZCX in a 1:1 ratio through DSR. Releases will be announced publicly by the Unizen team when the benchmarks are met for DSR.

ZCXHT, acquired from the sale rounds, has utility which is only recognized within the Unizen ecosystem and cannot be sold or traded elsewhere.

  • By claiming ZCXHT, sale round participants can immediately stake their tokens and receive DMAS rewards.
  • Unizen’s guide to staking both ZCX and ZCXHT will be released by the team shortly.
  • The only wallets that can exchange ZCXHT to claim ZCX are the original whitelisted addresses.

Stay tuned for news on new partnerships, added pools, and further announcements.